Hello Emerald Coasters!

Generosity is a spiritual practice.  All the world’s religions teach about the individual and communal benefits of letting go of wealth & things and sharing with others.

Our fellowship is our tribe, our church family, and when we give of our financial resources, we aren’t giving to the board or the minister or the Unitarian Universalist Association.  We are giving to each other.

My first week here I made my pledge and I back-paid it to May which is the start of our fiscal year.  I don’t ask you to do anything I am not gladly willing to do myself.  Pledging and giving to the church I serve is a spiritual practice for me!

Thank you for providing me an opportunity for personal growth through the practice of generosity in supporting our ministries with my financial resources.

I encourage each of you to consider what you have and what you can give to support the ministries of UUFEC, and to give joyfully for your spiritual nourishment!


In Grace & Wisdom!

Rev. Ruth