Our Leaders

Board of Trustees

2019 Board of Trustees
Members of the UUFEC Board of Trustees include the Board officers: President; vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. There are also three at large members, who are serve two-year terms. Members are elected at the October congregational meeting, except for the Treasurer who is recommended by the Finance Committee and voted on by the Board.

UUFEC’ s Board of Trustees meets monthly, usually the third Monday of the month, at 6:30pm at UUFEC. Minutes of board meetings and congregational meetings are available.

You may email the entire board at board@uufec.com

This year’s board members are:

Sarah Albano
Board of Directors Secretary

Toni Pentecouteau
At-Large Member (term ends 2020)

Church Leaders

In a spirit of shared ministry, most activities at UUFEC are led by committees that meet regularly or leaders who coordinate activities.

Our leaders include:

Chair, Social Justice Committee

We meet monthly to identify social justice projects. Come join us as we put our values into action. 3rd Sunday of each Month, about 12:30 @ UUFEC.

Jan Mullins

Jan Mullins
Chair, Religious Exploration Committee

Religious Exploration Committee
Schedule: Open Meeting
3rd Sun. of the month 12:30 pm, at the Fellowship. Snacks and childcare are provided.

Email: rechair@uufec.com

Brian O'Connell

Brian O’Connell
Religious Services Committee

Religious Services Committee
Schedule: Open Meeting 1st Sun. of the month at 12:30 pm, at the Fellowship

Email: rschair@uufec.com

Shar Farley

Shar Farley
Coordinator, Adult Religious Exploration

The second hour facilitators gather as needed, please contact the Shar Farley for more information.

Email: secondhour@uufec.com

Jane Park

Jane Park
Chair, Membership Committee

Membership Committee Schedule:
This Committee meets as needed, please contact Jane Park for more information.

Email: membershipchair@uufec.com

Gil Brown

Gil Brown (Acting Chair)
Chair, Caring Committee

Caring Committee Schedule:
This committee meets on the 1st Sunday of every month in the Harmony Room from 12:30 to 1:30 (“3rd Hour”).

Email: caringchair@uufec.com

Blake Farley

Blake Farley
Chair, Finance Committee

Finance Committee Schedule:
Open Meeting, 2nd Sunday of month, 3rd hour, Board Room

Email: financechair@uufec.com

Stephen Harris-Dixon
Chair, Communications Committee

Email: communicationchair@uufec.com

You can send any church-related announcement to announce@uufec.com to have them posted in the Wick, Enews, Facebook AND on our Website (under “recent News”).

Communication Committee Schedule:
This committee meets the 1st Sunday of every month in the Stage Room from 12:30 to 1:30 (“3rd Hour”).

Julie Winfree

Julie Winfree
Facilities Coordinator

Facilities Committee Schedule:
This committee meets as needed, please contact Julie Winfree for more information.

Email: facilitieschair@uufec.com

Jane Park

Jane Park
Chair, Committee on Ministry

This committee meets as needed, please contact Jane Park for more information.

Email: comchair@uufec.com

Our Governance

Our Fellowship Bylaws (as of 10/27/2019) are our governing document.

Several committees have developed policies and procedures to guide their work. Policies are approved by the Board.

Other Relevant Documents Include:

2018-2019 Final Budget

Aesthetics Subcommittee Charge/Policy

UUFEC Annual Meeting Minister’s Report 2018

Building Use Policy

Communications Policy April 2019

Congregational Meeting Presentation 4/29/2018

COVID-19 Policy 3/8/2020

Disruptive Members Behavior Policy

Facebook and Social Media Policy April 2019

Finance Policies and Procedures

Ideal functions of Committees at UUFEC

Membership Policies & Procedures

2014 Policy & Procedures, Religious Services Committee

Safe Congregation Handbook

UUFEC Policy on Political Involvement

Office Documents:


UUFEC inkind receipt

Reimbursement voucher for items or services purchased for the Fellowship