Our Leaders

Board of Trustees

2021 Board of Directors

Members of the UUFEC Board of Trustees include the Board officers: President; vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. There are also three at large members, who are serve two-year terms. Members are elected at the October congregational meeting, except for the Treasurer who is recommended by the Finance Committee and voted on by the Board.

UUFEC’ s Board of Trustees meets monthly, usually the third Monday of the month, at 6:30pm at UUFEC. Minutes of board meetings and congregational meetings are available.

You may email the entire board at board@uufec.com

This year’s board members are:

Gil Brown
Past President

Sarah Albano
Board of Directors Secretary

Janet Chapman
At-Large Member

Church Leaders

In a spirit of shared ministry, most activities at UUFEC are led by committees that meet regularly or leaders who coordinate activities.

Our leaders include:

Toni Pentecouteau
Chair, Social Justice Committee

We meet monthly to identify social justice projects. Come join us as we put our values into action. 3rd Sunday of each Month, about 12:30 @ UUFEC.

Jan Mullins

Jan Mullins
Chair, Religious Exploration Committee

Religious Exploration Committee
Schedule: Open Meeting
3rd Sun. of the month 12:30 pm, at the Fellowship. Snacks and childcare are provided.

Email: rechair@uufec.com

Shar Farley

Shar Farley
Religious Services Committee

Religious Services Committee
Schedule: Open Meeting 1st Sun. of the month at 12:30 pm, at the Fellowship

Email: rschair@uufec.com

Shar Farley

Shar Farley
Coordinator, Adult Religious Exploration

The second hour facilitators gather as needed, please contact the Shar Farley for more information.

Email: secondhour@uufec.com

Jane Park

Jane Park
Chair, Membership Committee

Membership Committee Schedule:
This Committee meets as needed, please contact Jane Park for more information.

Email: membershipchair@uufec.com

Gil Brown

Gil Brown (Acting Chair)
Chair, Caring Committee

Caring Committee Schedule:
This committee meets on the 1st Sunday of every month in the Harmony Room from 12:30 to 1:30 (“3rd Hour”).

Email: caringchair@uufec.com

Blake Farley

Blake Farley
Chair, Finance Committee

Finance Committee Schedule:
Open Meeting, 2nd Sunday of month, 3rd hour, Board Room

Email: financechair@uufec.com

Stephen Harris-Dixon

Stephen Harris-Dixon
Chair, Communications Committee

Email: communicationchair@uufec.com

You can send any church-related announcement to announce@uufec.com to have them posted in the Wick, Enews, Facebook AND on our Website (under “recent News”).

Communication Committee Schedule:
Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not having any meetings.

Julie Winfree

Julie Winfree
Facilities Coordinator

Facilities Committee Schedule:
This committee meets as needed, please contact Julie Winfree for more information.

Email: facilitieschair@uufec.com

Jane Park

Jane Park
Chair, Committee on Ministry

This committee meets as needed, please contact Jane Park for more information.

Email: comchair@uufec.com

Our Governance

Our Fellowship Bylaws (as of 10/27/2019) are our governing document.

Several committees have developed policies and procedures to guide their work. Policies are approved by the Board.

Other Relevant Documents Include:

2018-2019 Final Budget

Aesthetics Subcommittee Charge/Policy

UUFEC Annual Meeting Minister’s Report 2018

Building Use Policy

Communications Policy April 2019

Congregational Meeting Presentation 4/29/2018

COVID-19 Policy 3/8/2020

COVID-19 Protocol for Building Usage for Small Groups

Disruptive Members Behavior Policy

Facebook and Social Media Policy April 2019

Finance Policies and Procedures

Ideal functions of Committees at UUFEC

Membership Policies & Procedures

2014 Policy & Procedures, Religious Services Committee

Safe Congregation Handbook

UUFEC Policy on Political Involvement

Office Documents:


UUFEC inkind receipt

Reimbursement voucher for items or services purchased for the Fellowship