News Items

Review of the Bylaws

A review of the bylaws has begun. If you have recommended changes to the bylaws please see John Holt or Julie Winfree. Recommended changes will be presented for approval at the October Congregational Meeting.

Opportunity to Help Opportunity Place

Opportunity Place helps women and families, who are homeless, achieve self-sufficiency. The UUFEC has been supporting them for years through our share the plate and monthly meals efforts. It is time again to support the meals program. Seventy-seven dollars pays for dinners for up to … read more.

Come Dressed in Your Exercise Clothes on July 1st!

​What is your favorite kind of exercise or movement: walking, gardening, running, dancing, yoga, Thai chi, golfing, working out in the gym​? Grab the clothes you wear when you do your exercise and don them for our Sunday service on July 1st!

Another Option of Charitable Giving

Another Option of Charitable Giving
Did you know you can give to our Fellowship is through your IRA? For those over 70 1/2 (when you are required to start taking funds from your traditional IRAs), you can give donations to charities by having your IRA … read more.

General Assembly Delegates Needed

General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). This year’s General Assembly will be taking place June 20-24, in Kansas City, MO. Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect and help in maintaining connection with the UUA.

Each officially certified congregation may … read more.