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March 27, 2020 – Notes from the Journey

The surreal adventure with the CORVID-19 pandemic continues. And the news is not good. Politicians and news pundits are wrangling over what is what and who did or did not do this or that. But its infections and deaths continue to increase.

I am personally enraged … read more.

A Note from Doak

I cannot express adequately my gratitude for the kindness, caring, and generosity shared with Peggy and I during her illness. Everyone was truly wonderful. I am thankful she is released from her suffering. It was very hard the last several months. She died February 24 … read more.

Our Pledge Drive Continues

Our pledge drive continues. UUFEC and our UU principles are needed more than ever in our community and the world. We continue with our theme “Mission Possible!”, but maybe even think “Mission Critical!”.

A big thank you to folks who have made a pledge. Pledges received … read more.

Pandemic Poem

Consider the pandemic a sabbath?

Many of us have to sit still, or at least more still than we are used to. UU Minister Rev. Lynn Ungar has written a poem asking us to consider this a sacred act. The poem that has gone, well, viral…. … read more.

UUFEC Covid Update 3/20/2020

I hope you are all healthy, enduring and staying connected in this truly unprecedented time of disruption, fear and isolation.

I wanted to give you updates on what is happening with our UUFEC community at this time.

Sunday Services: Our Sunday services anchor our consistency and tradition. … read more.