After each Sunday service we gather during the “2nd Hour” in small groups for Adult Religious Exploration.

Fourth of July Fanfare

This interactive history trivia service centers on the founding of our country and the way we’ve celebrated through the years. Come share your knowledge, learn some interesting facts, and help our community celebrate!

Q: Why are there not any knock-knock jokes about America?
A: Because … read more.

Cleaning the Litter Box as a Spiritual Experience

Even monks living in monasteries must take out the garbage, clean their dwelling, do the laundry and perform other mundane and sometimes unpleasant daily tasks. In the hymn “Spirit of Life” we sing about the spirit “moving in the hand,” but too often all we … read more.

Spirituality Under the Sun

All members and friends of UUFEC are invited to a UUFEC family picnic in Lincoln Park, Valparaiso, to celebrate the end of our church year and usher in the fall. Pack your own picnic lunch, bathing suit and folding chairs and get ready for … read more.