This Week in RE – 12/10/2017

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  I know this is a busy time of year and I appreciate the time you continually dedicate to our RE program.  Here is a quick update of this weeks events:  
Picture Book UU:  Stephanie and Allie will be continuing the exploration of Buddhism with the story The Brave Little Parrot.  This story is a retelling of the traditional “jataka” tale from India, one of the stories of Buddha’s past lives.  Teaching even our youngest children I learn new things each week.  My favorite quote for this week is, “Do the little thing that comes from your heart… and everything might change in ways not one could imagine.”  A life lesson for children of ALL ages!  
Toolbox of Faith:  With the help of Julie, I will be teaching the session titled Courage and Conviction. In this session, saddlebags symbolize the courage and conviction bequeathed us by the early Universalist circuit riders. Though they were often not welcomed, and sometimes even violently derided for their beliefs, they rode from town to town to preach their message of faith, hope, and love and to build Universalist communities. From this lesson, children will explore their own convictions and through art, express their own beliefs.  
Upcoming dates to remember:  
  • Next week, December 17th, we will have some fun holiday activities set up during snack time and second hour.  Thanks to Kathy While for offering to help with a new activity we’ve never done before! 
  • I will be taking leave from December 23January 6.   Nursery care (birth – kindergarten) will be available during this time, and elementary aged children are welcome to attend service.  
See you Sunday
Lisa Farley 
Director of Religious Exploration