This Week in RE – 3/11/2018 and 3/18/2018

Hello RE volunteers and parents, 

Here are some important dates to remember:  
  • March 8th (today): RE Meeting at 5:30, with childcare provided by Hannah Farley.  If you would like to stay for the Rezist concert immediately after, Hannah is available to stay for the event. 
  • March 18th:  I will be traveling and we are in need of volunteer help for second hour.  
  • April 1: Our annual Easter egg hunt will be between first and second hour.  Donations of wrapped candies would be greatly appreciated – please drop off in RE classroom.  
  • April 1: OWL orientation for grade 4-6 will begin at 1:00. Activities for children will also be provided.  Please RSVP as soon as possible and text/e-mail me with any questions.  
  • May 20:  Mark your calendar for our end-of-year RE service.  We will celebrate our “bridgers” making a transition to grade school, middle school, high school and college.  We will also celebrate other special milestones during this annual service.   
Sunday, March 1th: 
  • Picture Book Bible Tales and World Religions:  Stephanie and Allie will be presenting a lesson on Exodus.  The book is in our library and I will pull it out for you.  The story of the Exodus and the rescue of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt is a powerful Bible story.  Our children will be introduced to this story and and understand the striving of people for freedom.  This lesson aligns with our first principle, “Each person is worthwhile”.
  • Toolbox of Faith:  Amy is scheduled to lead a lesson with me assisting.  At our RE meeting, we will review our calendar and determine the weekly topic. 
Sunday March 18th:  I will be traveling this week and not at fellowship.  If you are planning to be at fellowship and available to help with second hour, please let me know. 
  • Picture Book Bible Tales and World Religions: Amy and Kathy will be doing a lesson on Queen Esther.  This story describes the wisdom and courage of a female leader, while also aligning with our 6th principle “ we work for a peaceful world.” I know Amy has been looking forward to this topic and it will be a great day for our K-2 class!  
  • Toolbox of Faith: Jan and Jane will be facilitating class with a topic TBD.  We have multiple options and will be reworking our calendar at the RE meeting this evening.  More updates coming soon.  
Lisa Gorden Farley 
Director of Religious Exploration