Board of Trustees

2022 UUFEC Board of Directors
Members of the UUFEC Board of Trustees include the Board officers: President; vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. There are also three at large members, who are serve two-year terms. Members are elected at the October congregational meeting, except for the Treasurer who is recommended by the Finance Committee and voted on by the Board.

UUFEC’ s Board of Trustees meets monthly, usually the third Monday of the month, at 6:30pm at UUFEC. Minutes of board meetings and congregational meetings are available here.

This year’s board members are:

Gil Brown
Past President

Linda Carson
Board of Directors Secretary

Janet Chapman
At-Large Member

Church Leaders

In a spirit of shared ministry, UUFEC aims to ensure that church activities are led by a range of members, often through committees. Some committees have not re-started since we began meeting in-person. The Board of Trustees is working to identify re-energize these committees and/or appoint task forces to address more pressing issues. We would love to hear from you! Please address any questions or ideas to president Jane Park (

Our leaders include:

Chair, Social Justice Committee

Please email the Board President ( if you have questions, ideas, or interest participating in social justice activities.

Chair, Religious Exploration Committee

Please email Sarah Ford, the Interim Director of Religious Exploration if you have questions, ideas, or interest participating in children’s religious exploration activities (

Shar Farley

Shar Farley
Religious Services Committee

The Religious Services Committee meets monthly. The committee welcomes volunteers to help with planning and/or participating in our Sunday Service. Please email with ideas or questions.

Coordinator, Adult Religious Exploration

Please email the Board President ( if you have questions, ideas, or interest participating in adult religious exploration activities.

Karen Lauer and Lisa Farley
Chair, Membership Committee

Please contact Karen Lauer or Lisa Farley ( with any questions, ideas, or interest participating in membership activities, including greeting on Sunday mornings.

Judy Byrne Riley
Chair, Finance Committee

The committee meets monthly. Please contact Acting Chair, Judy Byrne-Riley, with any questions about the work of the Finance Committee.


Chair, Communications Committee


You can send any church-related announcement to to have them posted in the Wick, Enews, Facebook AND on our Website (under “recent News”).

Facilities Coordinator

Please email the Board President ( if you have questions, ideas, or interest participating in Facilities. Please monitor E-News or the home page announcements for information about outdoor clean up parties or activities.

Denny Lauer
Member, Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry (COM) meets regularly to promote the spiritual health of UUFEC’s ministry. Members are: Shari Allen, Josh Ashley, Hank Christen, Denny Lauer, Amy Weisberg. Please direct any questions to committee member Denny Lauer (