Every week we share half of our collection plate with a community organization that honors the worth and dignity of those in our community who may find themselves homeless, hungry or a victim of domestic violence. We invite you to give generously during the offering. In our last fiscal year (May 2016 – April 2017), UUFEC shared $3,200 with these organizations.

Niceville Sharing and Caring (First Sunday of the Month)
Niceville Sharing and Caring coordinates community efforts to meet the emergency needs of families in the Valparaiso-Niceville-Choctaw Beach area. The organization provides food to the homeless, jobless, elderly, singles, and families. The Center also offers occasional assistance with rent, prescription medicines and supplies to school children.

Shelter House (Second Sunday of the Month)
Shelter House is a non-profit center serving domestic and sexual violence victims and survivors in Okaloosa and Walton counties. The supportive, non-judgmental environment at Shelter House works to make every survivor feel safe, empowered and confident.

Fort Walton Beach Sharing and Caring (Third Sunday of the month)
Fort Walton Beach Sharing and Caring is an emergency food bank providing a basic staple of foods for needy individuals and families in the Fort Walton Beach Area. In addition to food, the organization provides assistance with prescription medication, personal care items and clothing vouchers.

Opportunity Place (Fourth Sunday of the Month)
Opportunity Place provides safe and secure temporary emergency housing to women and their families and help families find long-term through a wide range of services such as counseling; connection to community resources, childcare; help securing sustainable employment and affordable housing. Click here to learn about donate a meal to Opportunity Place.