Our Fellowship Bylaws (as of 10/27/2019) are our governing document.

Several committees have developed policies and procedures to guide their work. Policies are approved by the Board.

Other Relevant Documents Include:

2021-2022 Approved Budget

2021-2022 Budget Presentation

Aesthetics Subcommittee Charge/Policy

UUFEC Annual Meeting Minister’s Report 2018

Building Use Policy

Communications Policy April 2019

Congregational Meeting Presentation 4/29/2018

UUFEC new COVID building use policies (5/18/2021)

Disruptive Members Behavior Policy

Facebook and Social Media Policy April 2019

Finance Policies and Procedures

Ideal functions of Committees at UUFEC

Membership Policies & Procedures

2014 Policy & Procedures, Religious Services Committee

Safe Congregation Handbook

UUFEC Policy on Political Involvement

Office Documents:


UUFEC inkind receipt

Reimbursement voucher for items or services purchased for the Fellowship