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Notes from the Journey – Rev. Doak M. Mansfield, Minister

March 27, 2020 – Notes from the Journey

The surreal adventure with the CORVID-19 pandemic continues. And the news is not good. Politicians and news pundits are wrangling over what is what and who did or did not do this or that. But its infections and deaths continue to increase.

I am personally enraged … read more.

A Note from Doak

I cannot express adequately my gratitude for the kindness, caring, and generosity shared with Peggy and I during her illness. Everyone was truly wonderful. I am thankful she is released from her suffering. It was very hard the last several months. She died February 24 … read more.

Spring 2019 – Notes from the Journey

The Reverend Doak M. Mansfield


I’ve been thinking deep thoughts through Winter’s passing. 

I’ve been trying to understand life as an interrelated, interdependent organism and express myself on that idea. 

Current accepted science has offered the concept of the Big Bang Theory, evolution, and gradual structured change influenced … read more.

December 2018: Winter Notes from the Journey

Our location impacts our relationship to the Winter season. We have our dramatic weather events but snow, cold, and long darkness are not significant elements of our life here on the Emerald Coast of Florida.

I’m persuaded that the religious/meaning myths, customs, rituals from ancient times … read more.

October 2018: Autumn in Florida

Autumn in Florida, even our panhandle, is not a time for turning leaves. Brilliant images of golds, reds, yellows foliage is more Shenandoah Valley, the Berkshires than Boggy Bayou. I’m assured my Halloween we’ll have some ‘fallish’ temps and weather. We’ll see.

Our nation is … read more.

9/1/2018: Once Upon a Time

“Once upon a time” is the classic, timeless beginning of fairy tales. I think it has wide utilitarian viability for most recounting of memories and even recasting of “facts” of what passes as history.

When I was about 9 years of age I acquired an … read more.

08/17/2018: Nesting

Notes from Doak

“Nesting” has a special meaning for me: I find it a compelling need to establish relationship with place and people. We’ve been in Florida and with y’all for just four weeks. Pegs has a vehicle now and is back to driving. Her … read more.