May 29th, 2020 – Notes from the Journey

The central obligation of a minister is to speak guided by mind and heart to the hurts, aspirations, concerns of their fellow human beings. The particulars may be different as to the era and circumstance. But the vital core energy, emphasis is always about relatedness.

Recently video recording violence perpetrated by white law enforcement officers in Minneapolis resulting in the death of an unarmed black citizen is headline news. The reporting of the George Floyd incident appears to show an unnecessary tragic incident. Sadly, numerous of these types of events have occurred nationally.

Violence is a strong active American cultural element. Rather than an active effort to discourage and limit violence in America violence has been promoted through the militarizing of civilian police forces. Consider the policing equipment used. Our civilian police have been increasingly militarized since Vietnam.

Rooted in the southern slave patrols of white civilians, 1790s-1860s, and then the KKK style presence during Jim Crow, 1870s-1960s, violence of white on black has been an ugly aspect of our national life.

The spiritual dynamics critical here is related to justice, compassion, and community. We are challenged to demonstrated a caring relatedness in our human engagements. More simply said: we are all children of life and are called to live lovingly with one another. Violence is a demonstration of hate. Love is an expression of relatedness…the bond that lifts and bless.

Love, Doak