May 8th, 2020 – Notes From the Journey

The death and infection count continues to rise from the Covid pandemic. The authorities are offering confused and often conflicting guidance about ‘opening up’ society. The continued isolation is becoming a severe strain on our emotions and our economy.

In our region so dependent on tourism the pressures to open beaches, eateries, bars, and amusements is strong. And yet the dangers of contagion of the virus pushes back on such undertakings. We’ve really conflicting energies on how to proceed.

I suspect we will as a culture stumble through the near future trying to restore normality or create a new normal guided by a mixture of wants, needs, and natural forces. The virus will not be abated by our wishes or wants. Science must be depended on to offer the best guidance and that will probably come with some dishearten misdirection, wasted time, political manipulations, and hopefully some good scientific work as well as luck.

The hard truth is we are in a most difficult time and will be so for several more months, maybe years. Reality is harsh. And yet there are blessings to behold in all this: the individuals who are staffing those essential jobs that provide health care, food, communication, safety, and all the sectors of our interdependent life gift us all through their service. They are living love through their work for all of us. Welcome the blessings.

Connie Goodbread, UUA Regions staff person, recently offered these quotes in an email…

“Unitarian Universalists are held accountable to love not sin.” – Doug Zelinski

“There is a love
Holding me
There is a love
Holding you.
There is a love
Holding all
I rest in this love.”

Rev. Rebecca Parker

Love, Doak