Rev. Ruth’s Reflections October 15th, 2021

Rev. Ruth's Reflections

October 11 was national Coming Out Day and I want to give a shout out to all the brave LGBTQ+ folk who proudly stepped forth to share with their family and friends their deepest, truest selves! Thanks to those who participated in our local Pride activities last Saturday!

I was 16 when my friend Stephen honored me with the extreme trust it took to come out to me. It was so hard for him to say the words that I wrote my guess on a piece of notebook paper and encouraged him to nod if I was right. Those simple words, “You’re gay,” brought tears to his eyes and he hugged me so tight! We’re still friends after almost 40 years!

I live in the determined hope that one day, there will be no need for a closet, that young persons will be able to discover their gender and sexual identities with the same delight and affirmation that they discover their beloved stories and music, their sense of humor, their particular talents and the many other things which make up who they are. EVERY child should know that they are a precious gift to the world!

In the meantime, to all LGBTQ+ friends and family, WE LOVE YOU, WE’RE PROUD OF YOU, AND PROUD WITH YOU!

In wisdom and grace,

Rev. Ruth