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Rev. Ruth’s Reflections June 10th, 2022

It’s so hard to get away! AND there’s always such a big pile of responsibilities waiting when we get back! Nonetheless, vacation time beckons!

I am approaching the last few weeks of my contract year serving this wonderful fellowship. It has been a … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections June 3rd, 2022

In my lifetime, the citizens of the United States have witnessed over 1300 school shootings.
That we can still react with shock, horror, and grief is good.

There are roughly 131,000 K-12 public and private schools in this country. So fewer than 1% of our … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections May 20th, 2022

A UU minister I know well serving in North Carolina was recently involved peripherally in a shooting at a mall. Upon hearing shots, he ran to the closest store and hunkered down in back with the employees until police escorted him out about 30 … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections May 6th, 2022

Exploration results in education. Education leads to further exploration.
Religious exploration and education are inextricably woven together.

We UUs don’t like the idea of indoctrinating our children due to the implication that there is only one way to think about the big questions (Where … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections April 29th, 2022

I’ve got peace on my mind.

The deadliest war in human history was World War II with violence-related death of somewhere between 50 and 56 million human beings. Deaths from war violence declined from almost 600,000 in 1950 to 50,000 in 2020. That’s … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections April 22nd, 2022

Some decisions are easy to make like selecting the firm fruit rather than squishy, to grab the umbrella when it rains, to say “yes” to a kind invitation and an open schedule.

Other decisions are incredibly difficult: Which will be better for the children – … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections April 15th, 2022

Easter makes us UUs a bit nervous because it goes against our solid scientific foundation. What can the notion of resurrection possibly say to us? We know better, right?

We know that sometimes people who appear dead wake up. We know … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections April 8th, 2022

As I view the overwhelming horror of the war in Ukraine, I find myself broken open, and this prayer from Ann Weems has spoken powerfully to me. May hope and love continue to rule our hearts!

In grace and wisdom,
Rev. Ruth

“I No Longer … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections April 1st, 2022

Happy Spring Equinox, Friends!

I always find some comfort in the reminder that regardless of my own challenges, and of the chaos in the world near and far, the Earth keeps wobbling around on its wonky axis making its elliptical journey around our … read more.