Speaker: Rev. Ruth Vann Lillian

Holiday Leftovers

Still haunted by the spirit of Christmas immediately past? Resolved to avoid resolutions? Well, let’s look and see whether the new year can offer us a new start, individually and collectively.

Candlelight Carols & Cookies!

We will sing and celebrate, with a grand finale of “Silent Night” by candlelight!

Please bring your holiday cookies to share and enjoy cider and cocoa!
And who knows?  Santa might join us!  Ho Ho Ho!

The holidays can unwrap a lot of our anxieties and worries. On … read more.

Angels, Shepherds & Kings, Oh My!

The myths of the Christmas story pour over us like heard sauce over a steaming pudding! Is there anything there for UUs? Let’s differentiate between fact and myth and see if we can find some truth to warm our hearts!

Second Hour Small Groups

Front … read more.

Searching For Joy

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, but for some, depression and anxiety are more common. What are some ways we can find, generate and even share some joy now and into the new year?

Second Hour Groups

TED TALKS, led by Josh … read more.

Must I Sit Next to Them?

You could say that fellowship community is a kind of “Musical Chairs’ game where we ponder and sometimes struggle over who gets to sit where?  Who owns and occupies the space, who gets the comfy chairs, and who gets the rickety stools?  Let’s look closely at … read more.

The Authentic Self

Lots of folk try to tell us who we are or who we should be. Figuring out our authentic self and how to live out of that self-understanding can be a challenge and it is a vital part of the journey we are all on. … read more.

1, 2, 3 … Jump!

The national mid-term elections are nigh!  Our country is in turmoil and politicians are running amok!  On Tuesday night, we’ll all be glued to our devices, eager, excited and worried about the results.  It’s a bit like skydiving.  We all jump together, but the location and nature of … read more.

Embracing Our Fears

Some dangers are manufactured and others are very real. Is there a way to make positive use of our fears to enrich our lives? Or at least make them easier to live with? For this multigenerational service, everyone is invited to wear a costume in … read more.

Bibles, Religions and Other Idols

(Recorded in Panama City)

Even as we promote a free and responsible search for truth and meaning (our 4th Principle) we may also succumb to the temptation to make idols out of our beliefs, practices and objects. What is so sacred that it cannot be changed? … read more.

But I Don’t Want to Love My Enemy

Most of the great religious traditions teach something about loving folk who behave like enemies. Such love doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Is such teaching worth considering in modern times?

2nd Hour Groups:

Buddhistarians led by Bill Campbell – Library
Choir Rehearsal – Harmony … read more.