Speaker: Rev. Ruth Vann Lillian

Fully Human Together

Full humanity is not a solitary phenomenon. It is not possible to be fully human without recognizing the full humanity of others. How does community and relationship figure into our quest to become fully human?

Becoming Fully Human

Reverend Ruth Vann Lilian returns to the pulpit and a new church year officially begins.

In this first of a sermon series, we will take a closer look at human nature, consider the teachings of several religious traditions, and explore what it means to … read more.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Watch a pre-recorded sermon from Rev. Ruth, who asks:

“When we take risks, we make mistakes, and then feel regret and sometimes remorse. Can we have a rich, full life without risks? When they ask what we did best, what shall we tell them?”  (Trigger warning: abortion … read more.

Whose Lives Matter?

We have a long history of considering the significance of human life in economic terms. Our first UU Principle talks about the inherent worth and dignity of every person, but it doesn’t commit to that worth and dignity being equal among all human beings. … read more.

Whom Do You Trust

All human relationships are built on a foundation of trust. We develop expectations of one another and we make commitments to fulfill those expectations. Sometimes we fail and sometimes others fail us. In a congregation, where we are all in a mutual covenantal relationship, we … read more.

Gramma Got the Vote

It’s Women’s History month and voter suppression is on the rise. Through the lens of my own grandmother’s life, we’ll look at the history of women’s suffrage, the intersection with the struggle for Black suffrage, and our current battle with new efforts to make … read more.

The Forward Imperative

Humans are hardwired to move forward. This drive to progress physically also pushes us mentally and socially. What does it mean to apply a forward imperative to the life and ministries of our fellowship? What does it mean for UUFEC to move forward in a … read more.