Speaker: Rev. Ruth Vann Lillian

Death Takes a Holiday

We all face many fears, individually and collectively. As a congregation, we have been dealing with some very real, particular fears about the future of our church. Death is the big fear for all human beings, and this is the season when we let some … read more.

Canoeing Against the Current

We hold the unique identity of being a fellowship that welcomes a variety of life-affirming beliefs under one roof, and we sometimes find ourselves moving against historical and social trends which run counter to the values we affirm in our UU Principles. How can we … read more.

A Hole or a Skylight?

Life is full of problems from small inconveniences to major disasters and losses. How can we maintain our optimism and hold onto hope without trivializing suffering? Do we patch the hole in the roof or turn it into a skylight?

Members can join the service on … read more.

In Over Our Heads

Ingathering is a state of mind and heart. We miss physical proximity, but we gather together in spirit and Water Communion reminds us of our deep connection to one another. Please bring two vessels, one half-filled with water, to join in the ritual on … read more.

Who Likes Pie?

Our minister, the Reverend Ruth Vann Lillian, returns to our pulpit this Sunday via a virtual sermon titled “Who Likes Pie?”. It’s time for hoping & dreaming for our fellowship’s future! Are we afraid to hope? Can we trust our dreams? Is it all … read more.

Who’s Got the Power?

Most of our UUFEC children are beginning a new school year and reuniting with their friends after a long absence from the classroom. Reverend Ruth Van Lillian and Sophia Lopez will mark this occasion with a special ritual, “Blessing of the Backpacks.” We hope our … read more.

What Still Matters

Our minister, the Reverend Ruth Vann Lillian returns to our pulpit this Sunday via a virtual sermon, “What Still Matters.”

Everywhere we look there is pandemic chaos! It is easy to be distracted by many things that may or may not be important. … read more.

Estest Is the Worstest

The culture of “estest” is the worstest trend ever! In the wake of the Olympics, we are once again glowing in admiration of gold medal-winners, luke-warm toward silver & bronze, and oblivious to the rest of the losers who didn’t win anything. If … read more.

Make America Again

Please join us as we celebrate the start of another new church year on August 1.

A prerecorded message from the Reverend Ruth Van Lillian, our new minister, will be streamed on the UUFEC Facebook page at 10:00 am. Entitled “Make America Again,” it was first … read more.