Speaker: Rev. Ruth Vann Lillian

Let the Sun Shine!

It’s a new year and it’s time to unclutter, to clear out all that stored up stuff we no longer use or need, and it’s a good time to open up our inner, spiritual closets and let the sun shine into our dark inner spaces. … read more.

The Next Right Thing

Life presents us with unexpected conundrums, and we find ourselves suddenly making decisions under pressure without much warning or guidance. How do we decide what the next right decision is? What does “right” mean? We’ll look at moral, faith-based and gut-level determinations … read more.

Pick Your Holiday

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, we are offered and sometimes overwhelmed by a series of holiday options.

As Unitarian Universalists it may seem like a smorgasbord of celebrations, and it is tempting to try them all. What are holidays really about and how can … read more.

The Beauty of Darkness

We are entering the season of long, cold nights. Is there a connection between our retreat from the dark and our cultural history of aversion to dark skin? Let’s explore the anti-blackness which permeates our society, how it affects all of us, and what … read more.

Any Jolly in Your Holly?

It’s our second holiday season during the pandemic and while some things are better, other things still look grim. How do we avoid the frenetic determination to have the most amazing holiday ever and find and share some genuine seasonal gladness?

Members can join the … read more.

All Together Again

Shared sermon with Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County: As we consider what it will be like to re-open our fellowship (soon!) let us begin to think about what we want to do the same and what we might do differently. Here is our chance … read more.

Family of Choice

We have no control over the family we are born into, but we can create a family of choice. Most of us will connect with friends in various environments like school, work, and faith community who will become as important to us as any … read more.

All Because of a Pig

Samhain is the close of the pagan year, the celebration of the harvest, and the time to remember and honor our ancestors. Those who have gone before us left us valuable gifts which have helped shape our lives in small and large ways. … read more.

Death Takes a Holiday

We all face many fears, individually and collectively. As a congregation, we have been dealing with some very real, particular fears about the future of our church. Death is the big fear for all human beings, and this is the season when we let some … read more.