Speaker: Rev. Ruth Vann Lillian

The End is the Beginning

This is Rev. Ruth’s last Sunday with us. Let’s celebrate our shared ministry over the last three years and look toward a hopeful future as we bid her a fond farewell.

Ever Becoming

Nothing remains the same for long. We strive for balance, and we prefer predictable routine but then life challenges us with changes we did not expect! This is also true for faith communities. Let’s take a peek at our future and see … read more.

Easter 1 2 3

Join us for a multigeneration experience of Easter: A Rabbi, A Goddess, and a rabbit walk into a fellowship…

Are We Inspired?

Since we re-opened our doors in April of 2022, so much has happened, and we’ve come so far! Our progress is so inspiring! How shall we focus that inspiration into fresh energy and commitment to our membership vows of generously sharing our time, talents, and … read more.

Whirl of Fearful Joy

The Third Source of our living tradition is “Wisdom from the world’s religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life.” Setting Christianity and Judaism aside (the Fourth Source), let’s look at three other religious traditions: Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism.

Seeking the Midnight Clear

The holidays can be an anxious lens through which we focus all the regular challenges of our lives piled onto the additional work of cooking, cleaning, shopping, traveling and how to pay for it all! How do we find peace in all that? What would … read more.

Doing Church Well

How does our fellowship work? Who leads and who follows? Are members consumers or participants? What about staff? Volunteers? Why do we need to contribute money? What is the point of it all?

Turn the World Around

Do you feel out of step with the world around you? Are you concerned for the problems you see, large and small? Do you feel helpless to change anything for the better? Well, have we got a fellowship for you!

Mystery and Wonder

One of our Six Sources for our UU living tradition is “that transcending mystery and wonder which moves us to a renewal of the spirit …”. How do we maintain a sense of wonder amid ever-expanding scientific discovery? If we can explain it, can it … read more.

Everything Possible

This will be a multigenerational service.

Who do you want to be when you grow up? Have any of us finished that process? How will we be remembered at the end of all our possibilities?

Second Hour Small Groups

Porch Swing, Your Response, Please, led by Rev. … read more.