Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – November 17th, 2023

Rev. Ruth's Reflections Hello Emerald Coasters!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I have been doing some deep cleaning, sorting and clearing out at my house. It’s part of the holiday season that I never look forward to but am always glad to have done.

I have spent a lot of my life cleaning up other people’s messes. My parents were depression-era children and struggled to throw things away. So I ended up doing it for them after each died. I have worked with children in many settings and so have cleaned up a lot of munchkin messes.

Sometimes I have felt resentful but then I remind myself of how many folk have cleaned up after me. Some were paid to do that cleaning, but never enough. Others stepped in when I was careless, or sick, or selfish and cleaned up my messes without reward.

That’s part of being in a faith community together. We come to get our needs met, but we help meet each other’s needs, too. Keeping our facility tidy, clean and safe benefits everyone.

Cleaning up after each other is another way we show love and compassion in our fellowship.

So thanks to the cleaners of other people’s messes. I love you, too!

In wisdom, grace & hope,
Rev. Ruth