Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – January 6th, 2023

Rev. Ruth's Reflections

Remember when we used to push through illness and keep working or going to school?
I remember loading up on OTC medications and snorting through classes, dirty tissues piling up in my pockets. It was expected. If you didn’t show up, you had better bring in a doctor’s excuse upon your return.

Then came Covid. Now, if you have symptoms, even with a negative Covid test, most doctors’ offices don’t want you to show up. Schools don’t want sick students attending. Being sick in public is now looked upon as carelessness, bad citizenship, or worse.

I got sick on December 21. It wasn’t Covid, but the symptoms were horrible. One by one, everyone in the house caught it. I am well now, but Bill is only 5 days in.

I think it is a sign of progress that people are encouraged to stay home when sick, but it’s still a loss of income for many. There is a workplace justice gap between jobs which offer paid sick-leave and those that don’t. Covid has pushed us all to take another look at that injustice.

So let’s pay attention. We don’t want people spreading illness because they must go to work to feed their families. No one should have to make that choice!

In wisdom & grace,

Rev. Ruth