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Spiritual but not Religious

The percentage of adults in the US who self-identify as “spiritual but not religious” has been growing for a while. This is an outstanding opportunity for UUism because we are the faith community designed for such folk. We just need to get clear about what … read more.

Enriching Our Lives with Art

Longtime members Karen & Denny Lauer create jewelry for business and pleasure. It all started with a class at the Southeastern Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute (SUUSI) in the mountains of Virginia and progressed to classes at The Mountain and SUUFI (Southeastern Unitarian Universalist Fall Institute). … read more.

Jesus and Buddha Walk into a Bar

Rabbi Jesus and the Buddha both shared some similar words of wisdom. Like multiple consultations leading to the same diagnosis, finding wisdom and guidance from multiple sources can be comforting and inspiring when we are feeling the weight of the world bearing down. (recorded … read more.

We Pledge to Each Other

What a great time to be part of this fellowship! So many great people to know! So many interesting things going on! To keep our momentum and expand our outreach, we need to live out our membership promises of generously giving our time, talent and … read more.

Language Evolution and Consciousness

Terry and Karen Prewitt will describe their 25 years of research on the evolution of language, involving multiple disciplines ranging from archaeological data to modern human diversity. Come learn with us!

Board Meeting after second hour groups!

Second Hour Adult Religious Exploration

Porch Swing, Your Response, Please!, led … read more.

Balancing with Nature: A Sculptor’s Work

Sculptor Robert Larson invites us on a virtual tour of Shoal Sanctuary Trails, immersed in forest splendor.

Second Hour Adult Religious Exploration

Free Thinkers, Friendly, led by Alex Hallet in the Library
Porch Swing, Your Response, Please!, led by Deborah Baker-Rian in the Front of the Sanctuary

Counting the Ways

How much do we love our fellowship? How has our faith community changed our lives for the better? Where do we go from here? Join us for the delightful ritual of chocolate communion as we consider the future of our fellowship!

Second Hour … read more.

A Tale of UU Courage

Each of us has many opportunities to be a hero in some small way. Occasionally, some of us have the chance to do something big, life-changing! Come hear the story of two Unitarians who stepped up when called and made an enormous difference.

Watch on the … read more.

Laughter is No Laughing Matter, or Is It?

Join us on UU Humor Sunday when our guest speaker, Dr. Arnold Farley explores how laughter is good for the body and the soul.

No small groups today. Congregational meeting will follow the first hour worship service.

Your Board of Trustees invites you to a special conversational … read more.