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Fully Human Together

Full humanity is not a solitary phenomenon. It is not possible to be fully human without recognizing the full humanity of others. How does community and relationship figure into our quest to become fully human?

The Deal on Those Days

(Given @ the UUA  General Assembly, June 27, 2022)

Yes, we survived those pandemic days, but what’s next for our UU churches? What does it mean “to do Unitarian Universalism in these days?” Why is church so important, not only when the bottom seems to drop out … read more.

Becoming Fully Human

Reverend Ruth Vann Lilian returns to the pulpit and a new church year officially begins.

In this first of a sermon series, we will take a closer look at human nature, consider the teachings of several religious traditions, and explore what it means to … read more.

Sometimes to Question is the Answer

In our last “Out of the Box” summer service, we will form small groups and take turns drawing a question out of the box for the group to discuss. The questions, some humorous and others more reflective, will be another opportunity to practice and … read more.

Cleaning the Litter Box as a Spiritual Experience

Even monks living in monasteries must take out the garbage, clean their dwelling, do the laundry and perform other mundane and sometimes unpleasant daily tasks. In the hymn “Spirit of Life” we sing about the spirit “moving in the hand,” but too often all we … read more.

Fourth of July Fanfare

This interactive history trivia service centers on the founding of our country and the way we’ve celebrated through the years. Come share your knowledge, learn some interesting facts, and help our community celebrate!

Q: Why are there not any knock-knock jokes about America?
A: Because … read more.

Getting Out of the Box : T-Shirt Sunday

Religious Services Committee kicks off UUFEC Summer Worship Series. Amanda Piburn leads the way into a summer of exploring personal expressions of spirituality in our daily lives. Wear a T-shirt this Sunday that has special meaning for you. Wearing your heart on your chest … read more.