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Seeking the Midnight Clear

The holidays can be an anxious lens through which we focus all the regular challenges of our lives piled onto the additional work of cooking, cleaning, shopping, traveling and how to pay for it all! How do we find peace in all that? What would … read more.

Guest at Your Table

Join us for a multigenerational service of gratitude and the launch of our annual “Guest at Your Table” Religious Exploration fundraiser for the UU Service Committee

Services are also available live on our page on YouTube

A Radical Love

What do our Universalist roots have to offer us in times of polarization and war?

Seeking Our Saints

Who are the extraordinary people in our lives who have made a huge difference? Who are your personal saints who loved us into being, and helped us on our way? Are you a saint for someone else? Let’s explore what saints have … read more.

Oh Brother, Where Art Though?

Death is so final. Or is it? What about those golden streets? What about the promises others make? What do you think about when someone you love “dies” or do they? A UU perspective on life everlasting.

It’s Scary to Be Hungry

This Sunday, October 29, come join your UUFEC friends for a simplified service with a potluck brunch, beginning at 10 am as usual. Come in costume if you like! All are welcome! Bring a brunch dish to share and nonperishable goods for … read more.

Doing Church Well

How does our fellowship work? Who leads and who follows? Are members consumers or participants? What about staff? Volunteers? Why do we need to contribute money? What is the point of it all?

The Light We Carry On

To know where we are going, it is important to know where we come from, tying personal history to our UU history.