Rev. Ruth’s Reflections October 1st, 2021

Robert Hamma writes in Earth’s Echo of the power and immensity of the ocean and the genius and perfection of each water molecule.

Our small, brief lives are lived within the immensity. There is beauty in the smallness and there is beauty in the vastness. Consider the electrons bouncing around atoms we cannot see alongside the images of great planets zooming in their various orbits around our Sun.

As we prepare to declare our Ingathering Sunday with a celebration of Water Communion, let us see ourselves as connected by the molecules and the planets, by microcosm and macrocosm, by the big and small.

Spirit of Life – blow in the wind, rise in the sea, move in the hand.
We are in the wind. We are in the sea. We are in the hand.

In Wisdom and Grace,

Rev. Ruth