Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – November 3rd, 2023

Rev. Ruth's Reflections Hello Emerald Coasters!

Beneath anger is always fear or pain or both. I learned that many years ago in my ministerial training, and I have found it to be true every time. Whether it is my own rage, or the anger of others, if I look deeply and listen attentively, I will find the fear and/or pain lurking in the emotional shadows.

Anger permeates our lives more than ever. People are telling us many times every day through television and social media that we should be outraged and here’s why!

Anger is a destructive place to live all the time. Moments of anger can be clarifying and motivating toward useful action, to be sure, but it is not a sustainable state of being. Finding and acknowledging the fear and pain beneath our anger gives us somewhere to focus our energy and do some problem management.

We won’t solve all that inspires our anger, but clarity can help stabilize our internal thermometer as we find ways to live meaningfully with all the powerful emotions we experience.

Deep breath, everyone! We are not alone!

In wisdom & grace,

Rev. Ruth