Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – November 18th, 2022

Rev. Ruth's Reflections

As Thanksgiving approaches, like most of you, I have had much on my mind: getting older son Liam transported home while I am working in Panama City, when to get the turkey out of the freezer, various personal business tasks, best time for Bill and Liam to get their Covid boosters, and . . . well you understand.

Then on my way to Panama City yesterday, my automatic brakes went out! I was fine, but my whole day changed in a few minutes from one of scheduled mwork responsibilities and pleasant interactions to many hours of sitting in a small room waiting for a diagnosis and recommended treatment for my aging Prius.

The experience reminded me of hospital waiting rooms and looking eagerly for medical professionals to come explain things about the human machine and to recommend therapeutic interventions which are expensive, not guaranteed, and absolutely necessary.

I have done both of these waits before, and will likely do them again. The first is fraught with inconvenience and frustration. The second can be the same, but is often also filled with fear, regret, helplessness, and an uncertain future.

I have nursed the sick, or been sick myself, on every major national holiday and on my birthday several times over. Inconvenience and disaster can come at any time.

So while we must attend to many responsibilities, let us seek and plan for joyful moments, and not put them off for a more convenient time.

No need to fear having TOO much joy!

In Wisdom & Grace,