Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – November 11th, 2022

Rev. Ruth's Reflections

Nothing stays the same. I know it’s an obvious statement, but it continues to hit me often. As creatures who see and measure the passage of time and the changes wrought thereby, we can live with a constant sense of anxiety about meeting deadlines, losing precious people, and running out of time ourselves.

We work very hard to hold onto things. We take so many photos and videos and we don’t have the time to look at them. We hoard things that still deteriorate no matter how carefully we store them.

Living in the moment and letting go of the moment past is a spiritual practice of several Eastern religious traditions. I’m not much good at such practices, but I recognize their value, and I keep trying.

Grasping at the past, trying to hold on to precious moments results in a life of loss. I don’t want to live in perpetual grief and learning how to let go is part of my faith journey. Perhaps it also part of yours.

Loving, releasing, trying . . .

In wisdom and grace,

Rev. Ruth