Rev. Ruth’s Reflections June 10th, 2022

Rev. Ruth's Reflections

It’s so hard to get away! AND there’s always such a big pile of responsibilities waiting when we get back! Nonetheless, vacation time beckons!

I am approaching the last few weeks of my contract year serving this wonderful fellowship. It has been a joy, an adventure, a challenge, a blast! We have accomplished a great deal and come through the worst of the pandemic and back into the clear light of day!

We have refreshed, restored, and refurbished our lovely facility. It is now cleaner and in better condition than it has been in many years! We have brought on a new Dir. of Religious Exploration and in the last few days a new R.E. Assistant. Our R.E. attendance is growing and there is much to look forward to!

We have a new Audio-Visual system for live-streaming our service on Sundays. Wear your funny hats for the camera! And would more of you please sit up front so I don’t feel so lonely up there? We have new members and a UU 101 class will meet online Wed, June 15.

In the fall we hope to start up our Second Hour Program again for adults and kids! We also hope to gather our choir again, beef up our justice work, and reach out to our community more!

We have a lot to look forward to! Have a great summer! There will be a lot waiting for us come fall! Don’t forget to save your water for Ingathering!

Rev. Ruth