Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – January 19th, 2024

Rev. Ruth's Reflections Hello Emerald Coasters!

I received an email the other day announcing plans for my upcoming high school reunion. As I clicked and waited for the message to load, I sighed wistfully. I couldn’t believe it had been thirty years since I had graduated. Where did the time go?

Just the other day I drove by the original location of my school building, torn down long ago. I thought about the girl I was then and all the hopes and plans I had for my future. I saw faces in my mind of friends and teachers – connections long lost.

Then I looked at the computer screen as the message opened up and . . .
OH NO! It’s not the thirtieth reunion. It’s the 40th! Ahhhhhhhh!
Being almost 57 means I graduated from high school FORTY years ago! What a shock!

Tempus has been fugitting with frightening alacrity and while I laughed at myself in the moment, I also thought hard about the life behind me and what lies ahead.

Pay attention, Friends. The world never stops spinning.

In wisdom, grace and hope,

Rev. Ruth