Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – September 16th, 2022

Rev. Ruth's Reflections
Love is not a feeling. Love is a connection between two or more people.
We have many feelings about love. Sometimes we feel happy, even ecstatic about love. Sometimes we feel angry about loving someone who has let us down. Sometimes love hurts, especially when the connection is broken by divorce, abandonment, death.

Sometimes my dear husband makes me crazy and gets on my last nerve and I don’t feel very enthusiastic about loving him! My beautiful children are a constant source of stress because I love them so much, and I hate not being able to fix their problems. My parents have both been dead many years but I still have painful moments of missing them and feeling rather like a lost child.

Love is greatest gift and the hardest labor. Life without love is dull and sad. Life with love is busy, delightful, miserable, full of growth and discovery, and fraught with pain and loss.

We are taught to love, or we are taught to avoid it. Finally, it is a choice made daily to love those with whom we are deeply connected.

“When they ask what I did best, tell them I said ‘yes’ to love!” -A.S. Carpenter

In wisdom and grace,
Rev. Ruth