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Job Description for Director of Religious Exploration 

Time frame and scope of job: 10 hours/week, including Sunday morning (1 Sun off/mo)

Goal: To provide professional leadership for the UUFEC Religious Exploration program for children and youth.

Statement of Accountability: The Director of Religious Exploration is directly responsible to the minister, or in the absence of a minister, to the UUFEC Board of Trustees.  The DRE works in collaboration with the Religious Exploration Committee members.


  • Oversee RE Program on Sunday mornings, including all but one Sunday per month, being available to fill in as teacher or intervene in behavior management as needed. 
    • Schedule Sundays off at least 2 weeks in advance and clear with the minister/supervisor.
    • Arrange for RE Assistant or appropriate substitute to oversee program when absent.
  • Recruit, train, and support RE volunteers. 
  • Supervise R.E. Staff
  • Communicate regularly with RE teachers, youth advisors, and other volunteers to determine ongoing training needs and provide guidance as needed. Be available to consult with RE teachers and parents regarding classroom management and refining curriculum. 
  • Communicate with parents and members of the congregation, keeping them informed of RE goals and activities. This includes communication through an RE brochure, social media, and all UUFEC communication channels. 
  • Attend monthly Religious Service Committee meetings to consult on and/or plan to lead our  ‘Time for All Ages’ (4-5 minute story time or object lesson as part of our Sunday Service) 
  • Maintain RE records, including registration and attendance records. Develop and oversee a system for organization and maintenance of RE files and materials. 
  • Organize monthly RE Committee Meetings by providing up-to-date information on program planning, budget and expenses, registration and attendance data, and other information relevant 
  • Coordinate with RE Com members to ensure RE presence at relevant meetings and events as needed. 
  • Meet with the minister and RE Chair at least quarterly to discuss RE progress and planning.
  • Seek and pursue professional development through membership in the Liberal Religious Educators Assoc., RE leadership training (such as the UUA Renaissance program), networking with other DREs, reading relevant journals and other professional literature, and consulting with the minister. Share appropriate information with teachers, committee members and parents.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Shared Responsibilities (with the Religious Exploration Committee): 

  • Greet and meet visiting parents and children on Sunday mornings.  Create RE table for signing in and sharing resources and communications with families.
  • Recruit, support and appreciate teachers, committee members and volunteers for special projects. 
  • Ongoing assessment and directing of the philosophy, policy, vision and goals of the RE program: This includes decisions regarding class groupings and curriculum as well as reviewing the RE program on a regular basis (at least quarterly is suggested). An annual evaluation with the RE Com, volunteers, parents & nursery staff is recommended with a report of the results to all participants and to the UUFEC Board and minister.
  • Advocate for children and their families. 
  • Find creative ways to attract and involve the larger fellowship community in the RE program. 
  • Encourage, consult and participate in integrating intergenerational activities and social justice projects into the fellowship. 
  • Facilitate seasonal celebrations (including the annual ‘Bridging Ceremony’)
  • Develop resources for family and parent support (e.g., library, announcements of family information and activities, workshops). 
  • Prepare a brief monthly report to the Board (which may be submitted via the minister), and an annual report for submission to the board prior to the Spring Congregational Meeting.

Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Needed: 

  • Experience or degree in a field related to education or human services is preferred. 
  • Relational, organizational, administrative, communication and volunteer management skills. 
  • Comfort with a wide variety of religious views, with the spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation in both parents and children
  • Initiative and ability to encourage others. 
  • Life experience and knowledge of religious education philosophy and Unitarian Universalist principles and values count highly in an applicant!

Compensation: $175/ week for 10 hrs/week,

Position is EXEMPT (religious/clergy exemption meaning hour reporting is not required)

To apply, please contact Rev. Ruth Vann Lillian at minister@uufec.com.

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Updated Oct 2023