UUFEC Services Suspended Through Sunday April 5th, 2020

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, after significant discussion and soul searching, the UUFEC Board of Trustees has voted to cancel UUFEC Sunday Morning Services for a minimum of the next 4 services. This decision was made in consideration of several factors: the national UUA recommendations; the fact that a confirmed case of Covid 19 has already been reported in Niceville; the frailness of our population; the potentially long and asymptomatic latency period during which people can spread this illness but not realize that they are ill; and in an abundance of caution.

While UUFEC Sunday Services serve a great component of our spiritual community needs, they are only a part of what UUFEC is.

I look forward to seeing UUFEC’s other dynamic elements grow from this crisis. When possible, we will still stream a Sunday message on Facebook. Our various committees will still function for administration. Our Caring Committee is available and anticipates growing at this time of community need (more details to follow). Our online media including FaceBook, the Enews and the Website will continue to keep us connected. And, I encourage you all to use this opportunity to reach out, one-on-one to other UUFEC members and build more intimate connections with one another either electronically, or physically but using safe behaviors of ‘Social Distancing’. These intimate connections fill a biological and psychological need for each of us and ultimately form the backbone of a social community.

Please also remember that as UU’s, we are members of the greater national UUA. There are many resources available there, which we should all continue to draw upon, including online sermons from the Church of the Larger Fellowship and excellent communications about the current crisis from UUA Leadership and our President, Susan Frederick-Grey. This is also a great time to get more familiar with UUFEC’s website and our archive of sermons.

This is new territory for us all (I do not ever recall UUFEC services being cancelled for more that one Sunday at a time, in my 21 years here). I and the rest of the leadership team at UUFEC will continue to work on, respond to, and adjust to this very rapidly changing situation. We will communicate with all UUFEC’ers through our various media outlets. I implore us all to continue to act out our UUFEC values in sustaining and building upon our beloved community.

Gil Brown