UUFEC Facebook Group

Hello, everyone! Stephen Harris-Dixon here. As your new Communications Chair, I’d like to announce that, in addition to our UUFEC Facebook Page, we now have a UUFEC Facebook Group.

The Facebook Group differs from the page in that it affords us more privacy; non-members cannot see our conversations. Currently, our minister Doak and I are the administrators for the Facebook Group, but if you’re interested in being an administrator or moderator, please let me know.

To request to join the group, search Facebook for “Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Emerald Coast Facebook Group” and click “Join.” One of the administrators will then approve you.

You must be signed up for Facebook in order to access the group.

If you cannot find the group by searching, please email me at communicationchair@UUFEC.com using the email address associated with your Facebook account, and I will email you an invitation.

We’re currently still in an exploratory phase concerning video conferencing. We’ll keep you posted as we make progress on this front.