Phone Tree

Taking care of our UUFEC community:
Say hi to your “Phone tree” caller

Our “phone tree” team has reached out to each UUFEC member and spoken with 80% of you. We aim to call weekly, or so, to make sure you are okay and know how to stay connected to UUFEC in these “virtual contact” times. Even if you are doing fine — please take a moment to respond to your phone tree caller. If you need something and haven’t heard from a phone tree caller, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Rev. Doak Mansfield ( or
Membership Chair Jane Park (

Special thanks to our fantastic phone tree team: Fred Boyer; Linda Carson; Janet Chapman; Shar Farley; Sandi Fowler; Diane Gibson; Denny Lauer; Cecile Lindegren; Jan Mullins and Kathy Roniger.