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A UUFEC Testimonial by Aaron Galonsky

Those of us who call ourselves Unitarians came to Unitarianism by various channels. Not many of us were born and raised Unitarians. My Lutheran-raised wife Marion learned of it from Max Otto, a University of Wisconsin philosophy professor, and in 1950 she told me about … read more.

A Senior Moment with Sharleenne Farley

Last month I celebrated my seventy-second birthday. If you had been there, you might not have seen all of me. In my lifetime I have had multiple selves, including many of the familial ones: daughter, sister, aunt, niece, wife, and mother. Then there were the vocational … read more.

A Senior Moment with Gary Cleveland

In my 65 years on this Earth I soon discovered the truth in the old saying, “When I was a child, I spoke and acted as a self- centered child.” But, my adult age has taught me to put such childish self-centered actions forever behind me.

As I matured, … read more.

A Senior Moment with Scotty Zilinsky

I was born many moons ago in Camden, NJ, but spent my childhood in CT, in a historic town, Simsbury, where my parents built our house in a former cow pasture.  Definitely a Beaver Cleaver childhood.  I was into art, crafts, raising chickens for egg money, 4H, and cheerleading.  Went to U … read more.

A Senior Moment with Rosemary Baker

Being asked to put down my thoughts is a difficult task for a basically lazy person. At the beginning of life there’s a rush to get on with things. We race at high speed (making adults wish they could harness or even bottle that energy to draw on later). Then … read more.

A Senior Moment with Fred Boyer

Thomas Malthus, the British demographer (1778) was one of my gurus early in college. It should be noted that a timeframe of his population projections was ambiguous. None-the-less, many years later, I personally felt noble and pragmatic as we adopted two kids; and then biological … read more.

A Senior Moment

A Senior Moment
with Winky Sweet

I don’t feel like a senior. I was caught flat at a Friendship Circle one time when I illustrated a point by saying, “remember ….” One person remembered, from childhood. The rest knew of it but with … read more.

A Senior Moment

Everyone needs to know how to get along with each other. Conversations bring opportunities to listen and learn. So listen and try to understand.

Enjoy life, your family, and associates. Recognize the beauty all around. Don’t fear death. It happens to us all, eventually. More … read more.

Looking for God in the Wrong Place

Looking for God in the Wrong Place

Sharleenne Farley

I was about ten years old when I concluded that God wasn’t going to answer my prayers. My parents divorced when I was seven. My sister, nine years older, figured out quicker than I, that our father wasn’t … read more.