Author: Chris Jordan

RE Spring Break has begun

March 14th, 2019: OCSD Spring Break has begun. While school age RE classes are on hiatus, children are (as always) welcome in the service. Our nursery program will still be available this week.

March 31st, 2019 is t-shirt Sunday!

We will have our special t-shirt Sunday service on March 31. Do you have a t-shirt (or other article of clothing) that reminds you of what is special and sacred to you? Maybe reminds you of a cause or principle? A place? A loved one? … read more.

President’s Letter: March 2019

Hello UUFEC-

This past Saturday, UUFEC was honored with a ‘New Minister’s Start-Up Workshop’facilitated by Reverend Kenn Hurto, a long time UU minister and former lead of theUUA’s Southern Region. The intention of this workshop was to optimize our working relationship with our new minister, Doak … read more.

Spring 2019 – Notes from the Journey

The Reverend Doak M. Mansfield


I’ve been thinking deep thoughts through Winter’s passing. 

I’ve been trying to understand life as an interrelated, interdependent organism and express myself on that idea. 

Current accepted science has offered the concept of the Big Bang Theory, evolution, and gradual structured change influenced … read more.