Talking to People Who Think Differently from You

Please join us at 10 AM this Sunday on the UUFEC Facebook Page and on the UUFEC website to watch a recorded message from The Reverend Meg Barnhouse, Sr. Minister @ the UU Church of Austin. The title of the sermon is “Talking to People Who Think Differently from You”. It was prerecorded on Oct. 18, 2015. Exploring how to talk to your conservative family members at the Thanksgiving table.

ORDER OF SERVICE November 22, 2020

”After a good dinner, one can forgive any anybody, even one’s own relations.”
Oscar Wilde from “A Woman of No Importance”

Opening Hymn “We Keep Going,” a music video made by the Vitamin L Project , ( permission granted to UUFEC to stream.)

Welcoming Words Sharleenne Farley, UUFEC Member

Chalice Lighting “Love is Hard,” by Terasa Cooley and Carey McDonald. Read by Winky Sweet.

“Love is hard.
Love for people, especially those who are different from you.
Love that says, “I see you as a person.”
Love that says “let your unique light shine in the world” because each of our souls touches the divine mystery.
Love that says “we’re on a journey together, and my fate is tied up with yours.”
Love that grabs you and won’t let go until your whole life is dedicated to siding with love.
Love that changes the world.
Love is hard. Do it anyway.”

A Time for All Ages “What Does it Mean to be Kind?” written by Rana Diorio and illustrated by Stephanie Jorisch. Read by Amy Weisberg.

Poem Reading “The Human Family,” written and read by Myra Angelou. (Video)

Sermon “Dialogue with Conservatives,” by Rev. Meg Barnhouse, senior minister at the First Church of Austin.

Extinguishing the Chalice “Meditation on Opposites,” by Alex Kapitan. Adapted. Read by Winky Sweet.

“Spirit of the Universe…We ask you to help us see beyond our dependence on opposites- To transcend our desire to know who is like us, and who is not….Help us to deeply listen, and to truly know one another.

Closing Song “Standing on the Side of Love,” written by Jason Shelton. Sung by the UU church of Berkeley choir.