The Heart of Democracy

Please join us at 10 AM this Sunday on the UUFEC Facebook Page and on the UUFEC website where we will be exploring how democracy, politics and our Unitarian Universalism are all three entwined together. What you learn may surprise you.

“Democracy, Politics, and Unitarian Universalism”


  • Gathering Hymn: “Enter, Rejoice, and Come In”
    (Sing along with the lyrics on your screen.)
  • Welcoming Words
    Sharleenne Farley, Service Leader
  • Chalice Lighting
    Ella and Hannah Farley
  • A Time for All Ages: “Isabella Girl in Charge” by Jennifer Fosberry
    Read by Lisa Farley
  • July 4th Meditation
    Sharleenne Farley
  • Message: “The Heart of Democracy”
    By UU Reverend Sue Browning
    Read by Sharleenne Farley
  • Closing Hymn : “This is My Song”
    Harvard University Choir