Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – October 28th, 2022

Rev. Ruth's Reflections

When I was younger, I loved to dance! I started out in ballet classes at age 7, and then I learned disco dancing at summer camp -some line dancing, some jumping about. It was all wonderful! I even won a jitterbug contest when I was 12!

I took a class in “Sacred Dance” in seminary with a lovely teacher named Connie Booth. At that point, her body was so riddled with arthritis that she could move only with pain and difficulty. She taught with an assistant who would perform the moves we students were to copy. Connie told us that dancing is as natural to humans as breathing, and is a form of prayer in many cultures.

I taught my son Liam to dance and he even took ballroom dance classes for several years. The pandemic shut down his dancing for a while but last week I got to watch him do his East Coast Swing as he twirled delighted partners like DIsney princesses. It was a joy to see him so happy and energized!

May you find something to dance about this week – with your feet or in your heart!

In wisdom & grace,

Rev. Ruth