Rev. Ruth’s Reflections January 7th, 2022

Rev. Ruth's Reflections

A small number of people can make a big difference.

In our democratic republic, we elect leaders to make decisions on our behalf at every level of government, and we are stuck with those elected by a majority of voting citizens for a season.

While it is an imperfect system, it is what we have and voting and voting rights are so important. We cannot allow a small army of unhappy, disaffected citizens to engage in a dangerous and dramatic FAILED insurrection without taking notice of how that event is affecting our representative democracy.

As a percentage of U.S. citizens, the insurrectionists were a small number, but they and those who continue to believe the BIG LIE that our last election was illegitimate are proving very effective at energizing the communication of that lie across our country.

So we, a small group of citizens who believe in voting rights and in science and in the legitimate analysis of that last election, must be bold and spread the truth in all ways we can. We must use our voices, our Facebook pages, our emails and other means to communicate the FACTS.

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

The insurrectionists were not elected and do not represent us. Don’t let them take our democracy from us! Spread the facts!

in wisdom and grace,

Rev. Ruth