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Rev. Ruth’s Reflections January 21st, 2022

My older son, Liam, turns 21 in a few days. Such milestones focus our attention on the temporal nature of our lives, and the brevity of our time on earth.

There are creatures like small flies that live only days, and others like turtles and … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections January 14th, 2022

David J. Vann worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he came to Birmngham. Dad was a mediator between the Civil Rights activists and the city government and business leaders, and he helped them all reach an agreement to desegregate the city. … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections January 7th, 2022

A small number of people can make a big difference.

In our democratic republic, we elect leaders to make decisions on our behalf at every level of government, and we are stuck with those elected by a majority of voting citizens for a season.

While it is … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections December 31st, 2021

The New Year always inspires mixed emotions for me:

What did I leave unfinished? What opportunities have now expired?

What are my goals and priorities for the new year? What could I achieve or experience if I plan and pay attention … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections December 24th, 2021

Christmas Eve always feels special to me. Despite all I have learned about the mythical birth narratives of Jesus, and all I have gleaned from other winter traditions and holidays, the little girl in me remembers church bells, Christmas trees, caroling, and opening ONE … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections December 10th, 2021

Holidays focus a lens on our lives which make the good so much better and the bad so much worse.

I remember being 8 months pregnant with Liam and ordering Chinese food for a Christmas meal with Bill, Mom and my brother Mike. It was … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections December 3rd, 2021

It always amuses me how clean and shiny the stable appears in the nativity pictures and how magically recovered Mary seems to be. Birth is messy and exhausting. Stables are filthy, dusty, and stinky much of the time. Babies are beautiful … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections November 12th, 2021

Mary Oliver writes about the Alligator as a fixture in the Florida landscape:

“In beautiful Florida, he is king of his own part of the black river, ” and she celebrates the strength, speed, beauty, ferocity of this animal.

I recently saw a video … read more.