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Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – May 20th, 2023


This was the name of the march and protest rally my eldest attended on Tuesday in Montgomery, Alabama. Liam and friends, and Alabama UUs, among hundreds of others descended on the capitol to protest two bills … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – April 28th, 2023

Transitional times are tricky.  Like the god Janus whose two faces turned in opposite directions, we keep trying to look back and focus on the past, and also to look ahead and get our bearings for the future.

We temporal creatures only live in one … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – April 7th, 2023

When my Liam was young and full of youthful energy, I found myself calling out frequently as I struggled to catch up, “Walk, Liam! Gentlemen walk indoors.”

I still call to our lovely, exuberant young people, “Walk, Dear Ones. The Beloved … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections – March 24th, 2023

Our older son Liam has been home for spring break this past week.  It is wonderful to have him home and see and talk with him everyday.  He is a pleasant, intelligent, kind, and funny fellow!

I am reminded of learning about “Family systems theory.”  … read more.