President’s Corner: February 2018


This past Saturday, your Board of Trustees held its annual, beginning-of-the-year, Board Retreat. The Board Retreat is an opportunity for the Board to spend an extended period of time together, exploring where UUFEC stands, and our vision for the best directions for our church. After discussion and reflection, we whole-heartedly, unambiguously agreed that our most important and pressing objective is Growth: Growth in membership; Growth in attendance; Growth in resources; Growth in leadership; and spiritual Growth.

We then made a road-map to achieving this vision. We listed many different things that we want to do as a fellowship to obtain this growth. These ideas covered a wide range of topics, and I want to share some of the more exciting ones- big and small: Encourage members to wear their name tags; Improve the appearance of our church (inside and out); Engage with other churches in our region; Encourage more turn-over in our committee chairs to reduce burnout and spark creativity; Participate more closely with the UUA and with the Southern Region of the UUA; Utilize more effective advertising (online and elsewhere); and of course, Hiring a minister. After these ideas were put down on paper, each of your dedicated board members stepped up to champion one or more of these ideas to push them along to fruition. You can expect to see changes, big and small, coming soon!

One of the most exciting changes coming is that we are engaging with the UU Association of Membership Professionals (UUAMP). This is an organization dedicated to supporting churches in their efforts to grow. Some of their resources include webinars, book clubs, extensive collaboration with growth-oriented individuals and access to a broad range of UUA resources dedicated to this type of work. I encourage you go to their website to learn more about what they have to offer, and if you are so moved, join UUAMP to participate further.

If you have ideas for taking UUFEC to the next growth level, or want to participate in these endeavors, this is your chance to speak up! Contact me or any of your Board Members to share your thoughts, visions and energy. Let’s spread our Seven Principals far and wide as we grow our faith.

-Gil Brown