March 27, 2020 – Notes from the Journey

The surreal adventure with the CORVID-19 pandemic continues. And the news is not good. Politicians and news pundits are wrangling over what is what and who did or did not do this or that. But its infections and deaths continue to increase.

I am personally enraged by the dereliction of our federal leaders but while the blame game serves my anger and self-righteousness it does little to deal with the challenges.

My time as a hospital chaplain and as a patient cause me to think of the medical care folks who are front line facing the crisis with personal commitment and courage. The obstacles they must overcome with families impacted makes it doubly hard. Bless them and theirs!

There are countless other folks doing essential jobs to make the best of this most disturbing crisis from grocery store personnel, to trucking people, delivery folks, and others who work in firms that provide the goods and services we require and like. Bless them and theirs!

In all this I am profoundly moved by how amazing and critical is our interdependent life.  Conversations and debates on the holy can and has gone on for centuries. For me I see the holy as the energy of the cohesion and relatedness that is in life. George Lucas in the “Star Wars” movies have it the name ‘The Force’.  Each of us are a vital part of the organism called Life. Life depends on us!

I’m not Yoda, the shaman of the story, – although I aspire to be – but I was impressed by his simple teachings: Overcome ego and self-ness to experience the power and goodness of life. Be open and reveal/receive the Force. In the living one has to overcome fear and efforts at control. They are detrimental to living full and whole. 

There will be much suffering and loss before this disease passes through the earth’s people. It is up to us to listen to the guidance of informed professional and do the best we can to abide by their advice.

Please each out to others – friends and family through the social media, phones, even letters – be a part of making sure that the circle be not broken.

May the Force we with you…and with us!

Love ~ Doak                                                                                                                                        509.366.7137