Director of Religious Exploration Candidate Search

Director Religious Exploration, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Emerald Coast

Position Details: This is a part time position 19 hours/week, including Sunday mornings.  The DRE is responsible for maintaining the Sunday morning curriculum for a vibrant diverse teaching environment supporting children ages 0 to 18.  Current total enrollment is ~25 children. Typical duties include organizing and guiding volunteer teachers and staff, working closely with parents to address concerns and needs, coordination with the minister to facilitate a meaningful program, maintaining registration and other records, regular meetings with the RE committee chair, and maintaining professional development through ongoing RE leadership training.

About Us: The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Emerald Coast is a non-credal faith that encourages exploration and embrace of all world faiths including Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, humanism, atheism and earth-based religions.  We affirm and promote justice, equity, compassion, democracy, respect for our world’s ecology and strive towards a goal of world peace.  Learn more at UUFEC.ORG.

Compensation:  ~$15,500 per year, to be modified based on experience and qualifications.

Required Skills:  Candidates must have at least 2 years teaching experience and/or a degree in an education or human services field; Knowledge of religious education philosophy and Unitarian Universalist principles; Relational, organizational, administrative, communication and volunteer management skills;  Comfort with a wide variety of religious views; initiative, positive attitude, and ability to encourage others.

To Learn More /To Apply:  Please email your resume and cover letter to Gil Brown at