UUFEC COVID-19 Policy 3/8/2020

In response to the current Corona Virus Outbreak and with concern for our UUFEC family and our surrounding community, the UUFEC Board of Trustees has created the following general policies at UUFEC:

  1. Hands should be washed or sanitized upon arrival to UUFEC and as you are leaving UUFEC, either with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  2. Physical contact with others should be avoided or limited to elbow bumps.  Handshakes and (sadly) hugs are discouraged
  3. High contact surfaces at UUFEC should be wiped every Sunday at least prior to and after church service.  Those people arriving to church early and leaving late are asked to do this, time permitting.
  4. Stay home from all church functions if you are ill
  5. UUFEC has a strong online presence and you are encouraged to participate there freely if unable to attend church.
  6. Committee Chairs and meeting coordinators are encouraged to find alternative, virtual ways of meeting with their committees when possible.
  7. The UUFEC Board of trustees will continue monitoring coronavirus in our community and continually invites questions and suggestions from members about preparedness for the coronavirus.  Updates to this UUFEC Covid 19 Policies will be announced on our website, FaceBook and via Enews.
  8. Members are invited to bring donated sanitization supplies to church.

We remind UUFEC to embrace our UU values in the face of this global health crisis. While the coronavirus’ impacts are greatest for older adults and those with pre-existing illnesses, it is still a health crisis for us all. Marginalized people are the most vulnerable during any time of crisis and our values call on us to support those that are marginalized by, or particularly vulnerable to any crisis. No one is disposable. No specific ethnicity is responsible for this illness.  Asian restaurants and businesses are suffering because of coronavirus paranoia.  In response, many concerned UU’s are eating at these establishments now, in solidarity with their Asian owners and employees. UU’s will continue to live our principles in this crisis, honoring everyone’s inherent worth and dignity, while pursuing justice, equity and the ongoing goal of world community.

“May striving for our collective wellness remind us that we are forever connected in body and in spirit.”
-Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

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