Notes From the President’s Corner

February 13, 2015

Dear UUFECers,

Happy Valentines Day from your harried but grateful president.

For me, Valentines Day is a good reminder of the “great covenant” reading in our hymnal — the one that encourages us to “to Seek the Truth in Love.” I think that’s a fantastic idea! I get it right sometimes. But, as often as not I fall short and am not as loving as I could be in seeking and especially speaking my truth. I am lucky to be part of a loving religious community that bears with me and forgives me when I don’t live up to that ideal.  I am grateful for your support and invite you to join me in taking moment to rededicate ourselves to growing our church’s spirit of love.


We have a fantastic Board of Trustees and we know that we have lots to do. I wanted to bring you up to date quickly on just a few highlights of developments at UUFEC:

  1. Visual upgrade

In December, UUFEC received a generous gift to upgrade our visual system for Sunday morning services. (This has also been announced in a Sunday morning service). In the spirit of shared ministry, the Board delegated the details of that system to our Facilities Team, in consultation with the aesthetic committee. Deliberations to date have focused on placing a large TV on the wall.

As announced in a January Sunday Service, the committee will hold a meeting for congregants interested in learning more about these developments. If you have questions, please contact Fred Boyer, our stalwart Facilities Chair.


  1. Spaghetti, meatballs and Pledge cards: Lunch February 22, after church.

All are invited to a special canvass kick-off lunch on February 22, after church.

Hold the date and stay tuned for more details! Special thanks to Ellen Holt for leading the spaghetti charge and the Finance Committee for their support of the canvass.


  1. Communications

Special thanks to Rev. Karen and office manager Marion Taylor for starting the weekly e-news. Please email the office manager if you would like to be added to the list.

The generous gift in December also includes support for a webmaster, to upgrade our website. Stay tuned as we hope this will move forward in the very near future.  Which brings me to the next item…


  1. Personnel – help requested

At present, we do not have a personnel committee. Our medium-term goal is to create a sustainable structure for handling personnel matters. For the moment, we need someone with experience and expertise in reviewing contracts and job descriptions (two –three hours of work). If you have a suggestion or can help, please contact me (415-845-4313 or


  1. DRE — help requested

As many of you know, Annaliisa Wilson has resigned as Director of Religious Exploration, after a year of wonderful service to our community. The RE Committee is actively working next steps to assure professional leadership, while running a weekly two-hour programs for four age groups.  If you have suggestions for an Interim DRE, please contact me, RE Chair Don Harrison or Rev. Karen.


Meanwhile, please consider helping out. Even one hour or two over the next few months would help tremendously. There is a “sign-up” white board with a sign-up in the back of fellowship hall. Please visit the white board and/or contact Don Harrison or Amy Weisberg if you would like to help.



I’m sure there is more, but that’s enough right now. Many thanks for all you do.

As always, I welcome your comments, ideas and concerns. For my part, I promise to do my best to listen in a spirit of love.

See you in church!


In fellowship,

Jane Park

President, UUFEC