Lisa Farley Resigns as Director of RE after June 1st, 2019

Dear UUFEC Members and Friends, 

As of June 1st, I will be resigning as Director of Religious Exploration (DRE). While I will not be leaving the UUFEC community, I will be stepping down from my Religious Exploration (RE) responsibilities.  

It has been a privilege to work with the children at UUFEC. For the last four years, the children’s program has been my spiritual practice.  Each week I have left renewed and optimistic for our future. I have had the honor of seeing firsthand the wisdom, tenacity, and spirit of our next generation.  Spend a Sunday with our RE program, and you too will know the future is bright.  

It is not one person who makes our program as vibrant as the one we offer at UUFEC.  Our committee chair and committee members guide our program’s vision. Our volunteers teach lessons each week that align with our UU principles, lessons that are offered nowhere else in this panhandle community.  Our members’ support the program by building relationships with children during social events, providing financial support, and meeting the varied donation requests solicited by our program.  

I am proud of the work we have done during my four years at UUFEC.  I am even more excited for what the future holds at our fellowship and for our children’s program.  

Thank you to UUFEC for your continued dedication to Religious Exploration.  I firmly believe the first step towards social justice is inside our own doors – educating the children at UUFEC so they “may have eyes that see, hearts that love, and hands that are willing to serve.”  

With love and hope, 

Lisa Gorden Farley