Fall Congregational Meeting October 27th, 2019

All UUFEC members are encouraged to attend UUFEC’s fall congregational meeting- on Sunday, Oct 27, during 2nd hour.
The agenda will be as follows:

  • Opening – Gil Brown (President)
  • Bylaws Revisions and Vote- Gil Brown
  • Election of Endowment Committee Members – Josh Ashley (Past President)
  • Election of Board of Trustee Officers- Josh Ashley
  • Financial Statement- John Holt (Treasurer)
  • Special Recognition – Gil Brown
  • Election Results-Josh Ashley
  • Closing

This is a great opportunity to see us exercising our 5th Principle.
The proposed bylaws changes can be found here. These changes clarify our membership process; outline basic functions of our committees; incorporate the previously approved Endowment Committee Amendment and change the Endowment Committee size from 5 to 4 members.

If you are interested in being on next year’s Board of Trustees, please reach out to Josh Ashley, ashleymanor11@gmail.com