A Note from Doak

I cannot express adequately my gratitude for the kindness, caring, and generosity shared with Peggy and I during her illness. Everyone was truly wonderful. I am thankful she is released from her suffering. It was very hard the last several months. She died February 24 at home. She had been in a deep sleep for two weeks. I’m feeling better every day. I was terribly exhausted and my emotions and body were pretty battered.

Her memorial service March 7 (in Laurel, MS at her high school fine arts center) drew over a hundred and the spirit was one of love and appreciation. The Board’s granting a leave of absence for me to care for Pegs during the last several months is greatly appreciated. I am back. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help. I am available.

The current worldwide crisis with the Corona Virus Pandemic of course impacts us. Gil and our fellowship leadership have made some very good and appropriate decisions. I commend them! The canceling of Sunday services is regrettable but necessary. I expect everything to be disrupted for several more months as the nation continues to cope with the serious threats to everyone’s health. It will test our patience and peace of mind. Be gentle with yourself. We will endure.

Please rely on good news (e. g., CNN, NY Times, Washington Post) for updates and information on how you can respond.  These times are a trial for us all. But we have resources – one another. Through social media and the old link: telephone we can stay connected. Let us! Here is a link to videos of my meditations/sermons.

The only way forward is through. Again…I’m back. Be in touch if I can be of help in any way.
Love ~ Doak                                                                                                minister@uufec.com                                                                                          509.366.7137