Members & Friends of UUFEC…

UUs pride ourselves in being truth seekers. And I hope truth tellers.

The topic is money but the truth it represents is loyalty and commitment.

Last year UUFEC and I began an adventure of renewal and restoration. I feel we have made a very good start these last seven months enhancing our vitality and mission. Thanks to all who have been a part of this gratifying undertaking.

UUFEC is truly an oasis in our region for open minds, aspiring spirits, caring hands. It is here for us, our children, and those who seek a beloved and accepting community. We respect and honor all. Our devotion to and celebration of the health and happiness of our shared interdependent life matters. Our trust and appreciation of intellectual and spiritual freedom joined with regard and respect for all our connections: human and environmental are precious things. Those values are uniquely our mission.

‘Growing our Faith Through Generosity’ is a simple slogan that invites your strong financial endorsement of who we are, what we aspire to me, and what we can be. Your generosity matters!

The truth is we need everyone’s time, creativity, and financial commitment to be a vital community. Thanks so very much for helping.

With Love and Deep Regard – Doak
The Reverend Doak M. Mansfield