In view of the improved understanding of the transmissibility of the SARS Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) which causes Covid 19, the UUFEC Board has created the following criteria allowing for UUFEC members and UUFEC functions to meet at the church to conduct church business, as long as they observe the following guidelines:

  1. Maximum building capacity is 6 people
  2. Maintain a physical distance from each other of 6 feet at all times if not wearing a mask
  3. Wear a mask at any time you are closer than 6 feet to one another.
  4. Wipe down with 70% alcohol or 5% bleach, all surfaces and objects that are touched by attendees, before and after using the building.
  5. Avoid physical contact with each other.
  6. No sharing of food or drink is allowed
  7. No singing is allowed
  8. All attendees must sign the Covid-19 building use waiver of liability

UUFEC recognizes that this is a constantly changing situation and that further guidelines and rules will be necessary as the Covid pandemic changes.

While these guidelines are designed to protect church members, it should be understood that no protections from this virus are absolute and each UUFEC member is encouraged to adhere to their own levels of even stricter caution and safety in avoiding Covid 19 infection.