UUFEC Board of Directors Meeting - September 27, 2004

Committee Reports

Treasurerís Report

Gary reported that expenses were less than anticipated for this point in the year. Judy requested report of expenditures by committee. Gary agreed to provide. Actual income is low due to loss of fundraising efforts. Treasurerís report accepted as written.


Fundraising policies presented by Don were approved. Don and the committee are designing a form to ease the process of scheduling fundraising event. Sandy Fowler completed her audit of last yearís books. All of her recommendations have been completed.


Melanie will not run again for the position of secretary and Lois Von Ryke has been nominated to replace her. Carter McNeese has been nominated as a member at large. Oct. 17, 2004 is the day for nominees to be introduced to church member. This day is set for the Annual Election Meeting. Absentees will be able to email their votes.


Judy Byrne Riley handed out the approved Policies and Procedures. Gary posed the question of how we get vital information or emergency info to our fellowship members. Lynn and Gary to review our lack of disseminating information and propose an improvement. Rod proposed several possible candidates to replace Mary Ann Udell and Judy Byrne Riley on this committee. A vote was made and Rod will talk to the candidates to determine interest.

Religious Education

Karen was not present but a discussion was held and all agreed that we would support REís effort in every way possible. If Karen or the youth need our support in any way beyond budget we would like for them to meet with us.


The City of Valparaiso has requested that they remove a tree on Fellowship property in order to install a sidewalk. The board moved to approve the tree removal.

minutes submitted by Mindy Graham 10/18/04