Rosemary Jane Baker

On November 4th, 2018, as Daylight Saving Time ended, Rosemary Jane Baker passed peacefully on her way…looking forward to a great family reunion hereafter. She spoke her last words on Halloween saying, “A few more days,” and “If you’re coming back later, I won’t be here.” She smiled, waved good-bye, and then had another stroke. In lieu of flowers or funeral, please spread the word to send favorite memories of her you hold dear, for possible inclusion in a tribute book, working title Rosemary. Here is one of her many poems.



written August12, 1991


I don’t mind. I don’t mind

all the cares I’ll leave behind.

Relationships that cause such stress.

Which course to follow’s just a guess.

Needs to meet for all these souls.

Sorting problems, assets, goals.

Pain of spirit, body pain.

Leaving gives me much to gain.


But I will mind, I will mind

challenges I’ll leave behind.

Folks I love and care about.

Helping some to sort things out.

The down that always swings to up.

To best the pain, just drain its cup.


So please don’t mind. Don’t you mind

when I’ve left you all behind.

Because somehow it all persists.

The troubles, triumphs…endless lists.

And ‘though I go and long am gone,

for mine, my glow of love goes on.