Connecting with Doak

When to call, connect with minister:

  1. Going into the hospital.
  2. Interested in membership.
  3. A relationship is in trouble.
  4. Death in the family.
  5. To discuss an addiction issue.
  6. You need a wedding officiant.
  7. Someone you know needs a call.
  8. If you have vocational, ethical, or religious questions.
  9. Super sad, depressed.

Pegs and I are living in Ocean City. My availability is pretty flexible. Please use these reasons to contact me, but if nothing applies here and the notion arises and you would like to chat, please invite me to coffee, tea at a local place or yours. I’m here for you.


The Reverend Dr. Doak M. Mansfield
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Emerald Coast (
Box 205, 1295 N. Bayshore Dr. Valparaiso, FL 32580;
Cell: 509.366.7137