Kindergarten – Grade 2: Picture Book Bible Tales and World Religions

Children learn bible stories (with a UU perspective) through beautiful picture books and hand-on activities. Reading world religions books children are also introduced to Hindu, Islamic, and Buddhist faiths.

Grade 3 – Grade 6: Toolbox of Faith

Toolbox of Faith invites children to reflect on the qualities of our Unitarian Universalist faith, such as integrity, courage, and love, as tools they can use in living their lives and building their own faith. Each session uses a tool as a metaphor for an important quality of our faith such as reflection (symbolized by a mirror), flexibility (duct tape), and justice (a flashlight).

Youth Group (grades 7-12)

Principled Music uses popular music from the 1960s through the present as the basis for in-depth discussions of a wide variety of social justice topics. At each class, songs on a particular topic are listened to, along with a copy of the lyric sheet.  After listening, the class engages in discussion and activities, using the lyrics of the songs as a launching point. 2017-2018 Schedule: Youth Principled Music Curriculum