Kindergarten – Grade 2: Picture Book UU

Using engaging and colorful picture books, children learn about our Unitarian Universalist principles. Weekly activities include sharing circle, story time, and stimulating activities that support the daily lesson.

Grade 3 – Grade 6: Harry and UU

Based on the Harry Potter books, this class includes fun wizarding activities within a main purpose of social action.  The group fights against 7 Horcruxes that represent real-world problems like hunger, poverty, and illiteracy.

Grades 7 and Up:

This spring, our teens are attending service and choosing from the adult second hour programming options. Special youth events will be posted in our RE News.

Summer Program 2017: Gather the Spirit

This multi-age program teaches stewardship with a focus on water. Children/youth will learn about ways to help meet the needs of others and protect our shared resources in the local and global communities.